Pixel 7a $499 // Google I/O Announcement

Google I/O is coming soon; May 10th to be exact. Every year Google holds their annual devleoper and Android update/product conference, and typically they announce a few new devices. Last year’s Google I/O saw the official announcement of the Pixel 6a, as well as a teaser for the Pixel Watch, Pixel Pad, and an unprecendented sneak preview of the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Last year we saw a July launch of the Pixel 6a.

Enter 2023, and Google I/O is just a few weeks away, and the anticipation is that we will have an official Pixel 7a announcement. We have already seen leaked images of a Pixel 7 looking device in blue, depicted above, which is supposed to be a new exclusive color for the Pixel 7a – I really like it to be honest. We are also expecting to see an announcement of the Google Pixel Fold, and who knows what else. Pixel Pad, anyone? One of the recent leaks is that the Pixel 7a is going to cost $499, a $50 price increase over last years Pixel 6a. In fairness, that price tag didn’t last long. I don’t personally think the Pixel 7a will be $499, but it wouldn’t surpise me with Google. I’m expecting another $449 price tag, but really to be competitive and not further blur the lines of the Google Pixel lineup, $499 is a terrible idea. The Google Pixel 6a has been on sale forever for $299, and the Pixel 7 has been on sale for $399 with activation for months, and the Pixel 7 Pro has even been $599 with activation, and even cheaper in some instances. A $499 Pixel 7a makes no sense… at all. And based on Google’s history, even if it does launch at $499, it’ll only be a shortlived price tag, just long enough for early adopters to pick one up and then be angry 4 weeks later during the inevitable price drop. A $499 Pixel 7a would signal to me that either Google is supremely confused, or that they plan on increasing the price of the Pixel 8 series, which wouldn’t surprise me entirely. Either way, we’ll find out in just a few weeks, but for now, the rumored $499 Pixel 7a and $1799 Pixel Fold are definitely raising a few eyebrows. What do you think?


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