Google Pixel Fold Sighted?

The Google Pixel Fold has been spotted out in the wild, and it looks pretty cool – at least I think so. In my video up above, I have video footage that shows what the Google Pixel Fold looks like. Some big take aways from the video footage are: It is likely the Pixel Fold because the power button/volume button configuration is reversed, like the Pixel phones, where the power button is positioned over the volume buttons, it’s wider and shorter than the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and the interior bezels seem to be a turnoff for some folks.

The front screen is wider, and shorter than what we have seen with other foldable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and Huawei Mate X series. The Pixel Fold form factor as depicted in this sighting looks much more like the Oppo Find N series. I’m a big fan of this design because it offers much more screen real estate on the front, with a wider aspect ratio, making the front screen much more usable for daily tasks.

Lastly, due to the wider configuration, the interior screen is wider as well, but not as tall. This can be nice for certain apps and browsing the internet, and multitasking. The wider screen appearance tends to favor the Microsoft Surface Duo design, but one other less than desirable Duo-style trait is larger bezels that go all the way around the screen. So far the public reception seems to be less than happy about the bezel design choice. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker, but it is less than ideal. Still, it remains to see how this will impact daily usage and how much you’ll actually notice this.

In conclusion, I think that it’s nice to finally see the Pixel Fold, but bear in mind it could be a prototype, or earlier design that may not reflect the final model. Since we don’t have confirmation that this will be the production unit that you can expect to buy, there are a few question marks still floating out there, including the price, which is reported to be $1799 – which I hope doesn’t happen. What do you think about the Pixel Fold? Are you interested in getting one? Have the latest leaks and appearances changed your mind one way or the other, or are you still taking a wait and see approach? Let’s talk about it.


  1. Adam does the pixel 7a have overheating issue, like I have the 4a and when I go to do video or play music videos from the folders I have in YouTube. Please let me know

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    1. I don’t have the 7a so I can’t confirm this answer, but I don’t believe it will have overhearing issues. The Pixel 7a will have the Tensor G2 chip which is in the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, which I have used extensively and have not experienced overheating issues. It may get warm under intensive tasks like long routes on GPS tracking, and playing high end games, but that’s fairly common in smartphones and mine has never overheated. Also the 7a and 4a have completely different hardware inside and share no internal similarities.


      1. Thank you Adam for this information, so I have to buy the 7a, because the 4a will stop giving operating system updates in November of 2023.


  2. the Google pics fold looks nice but does it have 1700.00 worth of goods. it’s going to have to come down a lot. but like you always say wait a bit and it will come down. by this fall it will hopefully come way down in price. on your advice I did buy the Galaxy s23 ultra 512 gb plus at the time I found out that it come 5G too. I watched every show you had. took about three days to do it. I spent a lot of money for the s23 but it was worth every cent. I just hope the fold has some real good perks for the people who can afford the price we will have to wait for another video for them and I to find out.{q}


  3. Best case scenario this was a planned leak by google to see the public’s reaction…however the timing appears weird with the release less than two months away. Hoping the bezels are not in the production model…their rough looking.


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