Special Lime Green S23 Ultra Sale (Free 512gb Upgrade)

Samsung is having a special sale on the lime green Samung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and they want to get rid of it so badly that they’re even tossing in a free storage upgrade to 512Gb! Right now you can get a lime green S23 Ultra for $449, with $750 trade in: https://howl.me/cjoshOv3K0d (affilite link)

I’m no scientist, but it appears from this move that the lime green S23 Ultra may not be selling so well and that Samsung is trying to boost sales on it to get rid of them, or at least excess inventory. Lime green is one of the four exclusive Samsung colors for the S23 Ultra, that you can only get online through Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is the best selling S-Series phone in many years, breaking the pattern of the past several generations of phones, e.g., S22, S21, and S20, where each year the new phones have sold less than the previous generation. The S23 Ultra is immensely popular and with good reason, it’s an exellent phone loaded out with the Qualcom, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which has really been a tremendous upgrade that I don’t think many expected. So, if you want a lime green S23 Ultra and want to save a few bucks with trade-in, and get a free storage upgrade (a $200 savings), now is your chance. You can even throw a case on it to hide the fact that it’s lime green, if you choose. Right now you can get the lime green S23 Ultra for $449 when you have a max trade in value of $750! Here’s a link directly to the product page on Samsung’s website: https://howl.me/cjoshOv3K0d (affiliate link)


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