Anker Soundcore Liberty Air Wireless Earphones

When you think of fancy, well-engineered audio products that sound great, the first company that pops into your head might not be Anker. Usually people think Bose, Sony, Apple, Beats etc… Well, I think maybe it’s time to change the dialogue up a bit and toss Anker into the mix. The Anker Soundcore line of products has slowly been building their resume with products, and the year 2018 brought some really great things! The Soundcore Pro+ speaker, the Flare and Flare+ Speaker, the Spirit X earphones, and the fantastic Liberty Air, completely wireless earphones – which is what I’m here to talk about today.

Overview: We may be into 2019, but what better way to start off the new year than with one of the best priced, high quality set of earphones on the market? I have been very hesitant about getting a pair of AirPods since they came out because I think they’re way overpriced. Not only are they really expensive, but from what I have seen and read, they don’t seem much better than the regular EarPods. I could be wrong, but I’m not going to pay $150 to find out. However, they were trendsetting, and they have the classic “Apple demand” attached to them, which makes them popular. I can’t knock it; it works. But, that doesn’t mean I’m going to pay for them. What intrigued me the most about them is the portability, the functionality, and the ability to be completely wireless. Well, apparently Anker found a way to get into the minds of a lot of people and figured out what they needed to do, which resulted in the Liberty Air earphones. The name “Liberty” is about as appropriate as you can get when it comes to a great product name, as well as an accurate descriptor. The Liberty Airs are completely wireless, liberating you from the cords that have dominated our lives since the inception of headphones/earphones. They are sleek, shiny, lightweight, comfortable, and oh so fancy!

Sound Quality: The sound quality on the Liberty Air earphones is top-notch! Not only is the packaging impressive, but the sound is equally impressive. The depth is good, the range is good, the clarity is fantastic, and the volume is good too. I was really excited about testing them out as soon as I found out about them, and they definitely lived up to my internalized hype. I hadn’t read any reviews about them before they came out but finding nice things to say about them wasn’t difficult once I put them in and turned them on. The lows are solid and carries surprisingly well for a set of self-contained, completely wireless earphones. I am sure this is difficult to pull off because the power source, hardware and drivers are all lumped into one tiny package. The bass isn’t incredibly loud, but it is solid and complimentary. There’s enough “oomph” to make you happy with the sound experience. The mid-range sound and vocals is where these guys shine the most! Instruments, and vocals are clear and well-represented throughout the volume range and sound spectrum. One complaint I have about earphones is often the vocals die out as the volume is lowered, but quickly pops out as your get into the upper range of the volume. Well, the Liberty Airs sound good throughout, and have quality representation in any music genre I tested out. The highs are more than adequate and have great, crisp hi-hats, snares, and synths, which really help create a great overall sound experience.

Call Quality: Call quality on the Liberty Airs is really good as well. One of the great features about these earphones is that it has stereo sound for calls, and dual-mic’s, which helps pick up vocals really well. You can hear loud and clear when you’re talking to anyone. You can talk with one earphone in or both, and the earphones even have passive noise cancellation to help dampen the outside world – this applies to calls and music alike


  • 2 hours of charge time
  • 5 hours of play time – varies by volume and content
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Carrying case doubles as a charger
  • 33ft of listening range
  • IPX5 Water Resistance
  • Comes with (4) sets of ear tips: XS/S/M/L

Functionality: Anker went over-the-top when they designed the Liberty Airs. The carrying case doubles as a charging device, topping off your earphones whenever they’re locked away. The earphones have a 5hr listening time, which is pretty fantastic for being completely wireless. In addition to the baseline battery life, the carrying case allows you to top them off three more times on one charge! All you have to do to recharge the carrying case is plug it into a charging source with the included MicroUSB cable – unfortunately they didn’t include a charging base. Another nice feature about the Liberty Airs is that they are entirely touch-activated and are incredibly easy to pair. The earphones automatically enter pairing mode as soon as your pull them out of the case. Once you pull them out, just go to your Bluetooth menu on your device and click on them; easy peasy! With regard to the touch sensitivity, the earphones are easily activated with a double-tap, or a press-and-hold. If you double tap on the right earphone, it plays/pauses. If you press and hold the right earphone, it will skip to the next track. With the left earphone, a double-tap brings up the voice assistant, and a press-and-hold will go to the previous track. You can also answer phone calls on the right earphone with a double-tap.

Conclusion: The Liberty Airs are the earphones that Gotham needs, and deserves. Their sound is fantastic, all the time; not just before dawn – hopefully you caught the Batman: Dark Knight references. They build quality is solid, they’re super light-weight and comfortable – complete with (4) sets of ear tips XS/S/M/L – the 5hr battery life is superb, the sound quality is legit, and the price is the amazing icing on top of the cake, ringing in at a well-priced $79.99. The Soundcore Liberty Airs are all that and a bag of chips! And if that wasn’t enough, they come in two different colors: White or Black.

If you’re interested in picking up a pair of Anker’s Soundcore Liberty Air earphones, you can pick them up on Amazon for $79.99 – – They also qualify for Prime 2-day shipping. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment section.

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