eufy RoboVac 12 Review

Recently I have had the opportunity to review two of eufy’s robotic vacuum cleaners, the RoboVac 11S, and the RoboVac 30C. Well, this time I was able to get my hands on the brand-spanking new RoboVac 12, which is the latest and greatest in their everyday series of vacuums, but with more suction power than ever! The RoboVac 12 is a predecessor to the 11, and it’s more powerful than ever!

What is it? The eufy RoboVac 12 is a marvel of modern technology. Unfortunately it doesn’t cook or clean yet, but it certainly cleans the heck out of your floors without you having to lift so much as a finger. You can drive it around in manual mode if you want, – which is quite rewarding – but it also comes complete with scheduling for automatic cleaning, it has four (4) built-in cleaning modes, and it even returns back to the charging dock by itself when it’s finished! It only comes in one color: black, but it looks super sleek. It’s shiny and deep color and design almost makes me think of some of the drones in Star Wars that you see rolling around autonomously. The top of the RoboVac even is even protected by tempered glass to keep it safe and prevent scratches.

What Comes in the Box:

  • Of course, the RoboVac 12
  • An extra high-performance filter
  • (2) sets of bristles that attach under the RoboVac and spin while it cleans
  • The Remote control (complete with two (s) AAA batteries)
  • The instruction manual
  • The charging base and cord
  • A bristle brush for cleaning the sweeper

How does it work: The RoboVac 12 is controlled by handy dandy wireless remote, but you can even go hand’s off once you schedule a cleaning time. The primary modes are: spot cleaning, edge cleaning, single-room mode, and auto. Here is a brief description of the modes:

  • Spot Cleaning: In this mode, the RoboVac starts at whatever point you start it at and goes around in a slow concentric circle, getting wider as it drives around thoroughly cleaning the designated area. This cycle lasts for two minutes, and then the RoboVac stops.
  • Edge Cleaning: In this mode, the RoboVac drives until it finds the nearest wall-surface, and then it bumps and moves along the edges for 20 minutes, which is more than enough time to clean the corners and edges of pretty much any sized room. Once it’s done the RoboVac automatically heads back to the charging base to dock.
  • Single-Room Mode: This is a combination of angles and edges, as the RoboVac drives around from corner to corner, or in various directions for a period of 30 minutes, which is ample for most sized rooms. Once it’s done the RoboVac automatically heads back to the charging base to dock.
  • Auto Mode: In Auto Mode, the RoboVac drives around at it’s on whim for 30 minutes, cleaning anything that it comes across.

What’s New: The best feature upgrade of the new RoboVac 12 is the added suction power! The RoboVac 11 has 1200pa of suction power, but the 12 got bumped up to 1500pa, which is the same amount of suction power of the even larger RoboVac 30, which is fantastic. In addition to extra suction power, the RoboVac 12 can vacuum for even longer, lasting up to 100 minutes before it needs to be recharged – this means that you can put the RoboVac 12 on single-room mode five (5) times before it has to be recharged! Another nice feature is that the RoboVac 12 measures in at only 2.85” tall, which means that it can get under some of the smallest crawl spaces imaginable. The RoboVac 12 will travel under coffee tables, beds, and even some couches with ease – which is great when you think of the added suction power as well! And last but not least, the Infrared (IR) sensor on this model seems better than ever. It makes turns in a split-second to avoid obstacles, falls, and objects that it may run into or over. You can put this vacuum on your countertop and it will drive around and detect the edge of the counter and won’t wall off – I know, I tested it. Additionally, the IR sensor is great for navigating through obstacles and helping your RoboVac clean efficiently, and get stuck less.

Does it work: Yes! It works very well. I was surprised with how much stuff it sucked up off of the tile/wood floor, as well as the carpet. The first few times I used it, the RoboVac sucked up a ton of stuff. I have noticed a significantly less amount of dust, dog hair, etc…, as I’ve continued to use it daily. It’s actually really nice because all I do in the evening is just put it in the kitchen after dinner and hit “single-room mode” and it cleans everything right up – even the bits of dog kibble that get spilled out of my dog’s bowls. Another nice feature that the RoboVac has is the BoostIQ mode. There are three different suction modes on the RoboVac 12: Normal, BoostIQ, and Max. Of course if you put it on Max mode then it drains the battery faster. I haven’t timed the vacuum to see how long it lasts, but it seems like it can handle 45 minutes without a hiccup. Typically I allow it to vacuum one room and then put it back on the charger, and then start another room later. As far as BoostIQ goes, it’s a built-in smart feature that automatically detects the cleaning surface as it goes, and adjust the suction power as necessary to ensure that it does a great job cleaning.

Cries for Help: I haven’t had too many problems with the vacuum, but occasionally it will find something to get stuck on and cry out for help with it’s built-in PC speaker with a set amount of beeps for problems. Four (4) beeps lets you know that it needs help. I have found that the pedestal fan that I have gives it fits. The base of the fan is kind of like a ramp, so it likes to drive up on it and get stuck. Another area of concern are cords. It’s important to make sure that the room is as free of debris and stray electrical cords as possible because it will find ways to get stuck on these as well. I also have a sliding door closet in my bedroom, and if I leave the door open the RoboVac will get stuck on the floor track. Finally, make sure that you follow the instructions in the manual for placement of the charging dock. It’s best to place it up against a baseboard with a foot or so of clearance on each side so that the RoboVac can find it easily when it needs to dock, otherwise it will get stuck driving around the room like a lost toy.

Conclusion: I’m a big fan of the RoboVac 12. I think out of the 11S and the 30C, the RoboVac 12 strikes a great balance because it has the smaller form factor of the 11S, but the suction power of the 30C. The RoboVac 12’s complimentary 100 minutes of vacuuming power is an additional nicety in such a small vacuuming package. This vacuum is well suited for normal sized houses, small offices, and pretty much any apartment that you can shake a stick at, and it’s even priced well at $239.99. It’s a great alternative to some of the much more expensive, big-name branded vacuums like the Roomba, but with virtually no downside, unless you consider extra money in your pocket a bad thing.

Interested in picking up one of the eufy RoboVac 12 robotic vacuum cleaners? You can find them on Amazon for the low price of $239.99, and they also qualify for Amazon Prime 2-day shipping, if you’re a Prime member. They are listed on Eufy’s website, but they direct link straight to Amazon for purchase: – As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them down in the comment section.

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