Oppo Find N2 Flip Initial Review

The Oppo Find N2 Flip is the latest flip phone to show up in the phone arena, and luckily I was finally able to get my hands on it. I’ve been an avid flip phone fan since I got the original Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and then I had the Z Flip 5G, Z Flip 3, and currently have the Z Flip 4. There is a contrast between the Find N2 Flip and the Z Flip 4, but there are also lots of similarities. It’s a shame that the Find N2 Flip isn’t available in the U.S., or any other Flip Phone for that matter other than the dated Moto RAZR 5G. I’m still secretly hoping that OnePlus can find a way to slap their logo on the Find N2 Flip and bring it to the U.S.

First things first, the performance. The Find N2 Flip is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 9000+, which packs quite the punch and is capable of handling anything that you can throw at it. It’s great for gaming, daily usage, social media doom scrolling, and the haptic feedback on the screen is quite delightful. As far as a daily driver, the Find N2 Flip checks lots of boxes and really is quite enjoyable! It’s not as great on power efficiency as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 that’s in the latest S23 phones and will appear in the Z Flip 5 later this year, but I think that the Dimensity 9000+ and Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 in the Z Flip 4, perform quite similarly in daily usage. The Find N2 Flip also hsa 8gb of RAM and 256gb of storage, and even has a 12gb, and 16gb RAM model and maxes out at 512gb of storage. There is no external SD card support, and no headphone jack.

Battery Life is pretty good. From my experience using it the past week, it’s been getting me about 5+ hrs of Screen on Time (SoT), and that’s using light mode and of course the 120hz refresh rate on the screen. The Find N2 Flip has a full 1080p resolution which helps save on battery over a QHD+ screen. Flip phones like the Find N2 Flip and the Z Flip phones aren’t particularly great when it comes to battery life, but the Find N2 Flip and Z Flip 4 are both able to get you through the day, which I think is fine,

Camera: The Find N2 Flip has 50 megapixel primary camera and an 8 megapixel ultrawide, but no telephoto, which isn’t something I think most people would expect. The primary camera seems quite servicable and I have a few picture samples below that you can check out. I find that the HDR is pretty decent and the color saturation is nice, and not oversaturated. The Selfie camera is 32 megapixels and takes decent photos, but is sadly limited to 1080p at 30FPS for video, which is a disappointment that we find with a lot of phones that come out of China. The primary camera can shoot 4K at 30fps.

Exterior Display: The special thing on the Find N2 Flip other than the whole folding thing is the exterior screen. The Find N2 second screen is 3.26 inches and allows you to do things like take advantage of the primary cameras for video, selfies, and more. Sadly you cannot type messages or watch YouTube, or really use any other apps on it which I was hoping for but sadly it doesn’t work that way. I’m hoping that the Find N2 Flip and Z Flip 4 are the last of the exterior notification screen limitation, and we can move foward and have full functionality like on the Motorola RAZR 5G. However, the interface is quite simple and straight foward and I think is overall better than the Z Flip 4.

Odds and Ends: The Find N2 Flip has 44w wired charging and reverse wired charging, but no wireless charging. Also no IP67 or IP68, which aren’t something that are common with many Chinese phones. Other than that the phone is pretty on par with what you would expect for a flagship level flipping phone, and it’s been great to use. The hinge is pretty similar to the Z Flip 4, and the screen closes flush, and doesn’t have a gap in it like the Z Flip 4, and the crease in the screen is fairly shallow and less noticeable than the Z Flip 4, which is nice. The Find N2 Flip is easy to open and close, has smooth action, and feels nice and tight; no wiggle or play in the hinge. The Find N2 Flip also has stereo speakers which produce pretty good sound!

Summary: Overall, I’ve really been enjoying the Find N2 Flip. It’s been a nice change of pace, and thankfully 5G is working here in the U.S. on my T-Mobile SIM card. I’m looking forward to using it some more over the next few weeks and fully testing the phone and it’s capabilities so that I can complete my full review. I think that Oppo has done something special with the Find N2 Flip and I think it competes well with the Z Flip 4 in most ways. The biggest things that have stood out are the screen, haptic feedback, performance, and the smooth flipping functionality, plus it feels premium. So… great work Oppo, and I’ll be back with more later.


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